Systems Biology and Quantitative Principles of Human Immune Variation and Health

Our immune system is crucial for maintaining health and fighting disease. It acts as a sentinel, detecting threats and maintaining health across our body's tissues and organs. However, individuals respond differently to vaccines, infections, and illnesses, and despite technological advancements in immune monitoring, predicting immune responses remains a challenge.

We are a diverse team driven by curiosity and innovation. Our lab integrates cutting-edge computational and experimental methods to delve into the complexities of the human immune system. We use advanced immune profiling, data science, machine learning, and dynamic modeling, alongside hands-on experiments, to explore how immune responses are orchestrated and why they vary from person to person.

Our work involves advanced technologies to analyze the immune system's behavior over time and in different areas of the body. We aim to identify key factors that influence immune responses using statistical models and machine learning. By integrating dynamic system modeling with data-driven techniques, we're investigating the underlying principles of immune functionality, including how it interacts with other physiological systems.

Decoding and programming immune cells as sensors and modulators of disease and health. Increasingly, and as a part of the CZ Biohub NY, we're focused on understanding how cellular interactions contribute to the functioning of tissues, organs, and the entire organism. Our goal is to decode the ways immune cells move and act both within and across tissues, enhancing our ability to use these cells as diagnostic and therapeutic tools for better health management and early disease detection.

Our lab is a part of the Yale Center for Systems and Engineering Immunology (CSEI) and the Department of Immunobiology at the Yale School of Medicine, and is located at 100 College St on the Yale Campus.   

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